8 days after hcg trigger shot positive pregnancy test

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Best Answer: Girl I know how you feel. .my Partner took clomid for 5 days had an HCG shot on May 15 and the IUI was done on the 16th. ..10-11 days out we were .
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How long should HCG stay in your system after a Trigger shot?
Hi everyone. I'm looking to see if anyone has gone through what I am. I have PCOS and have been TTC for over 2 years. This past cycle, I took
I have been taking Clomid for two months and I recently had the ovidrel trigger shot. I read that with the ovidrel shot you would get a false positive pregnany test .
August 07 IUI #4 (Clomid 50, 5-9; prog supp) BFN 09-07-07 IUI#5 w/HCG trigger, U/S. I have always read that the trigger shot. I have never had a positive test so I can't.
lifeforceinternational.igorhelpsyousucceed.com Skype: igor.kheifets In this video Mr. Jonathan Budd talks about why it is so important to have an electronic mailing .
Expert fertility information on I had a hcg trigger shot on Tuesday, May 26, 6 pm. I took a pregnancy test

8 days after hcg trigger shot positive pregnancy test

today, June 1 thinking I would get a false positive. but .
Day after HCG trigger shot i had to poas :) lol IUI tommorrow!! :)
Oh my 8 days after hcg trigger shot positive pregnancy test goodness. I just took an EPT test and got a faint but definite BFP! Could this . I don't know what to tell you---I just did my trigger today and I was going .
Ofelia If you experience a decrease in pregnancy symptoms after the hcg trigger shot what does this mean
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"This month i started using ovulation tests the beginning the day after. "
BFN 8 Days After HcG Trigger Shot. : Is that a little soon for the HcG to leave my system? Just curious.
The hCG trigger shot contains a synthetic form of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin. There are several brand names for the hCG trigger shot including Ovidrel .
But did you get an hcg trigger shot? THat's the thing - I can't be sure the HCG shot is out of my system and not sure why it was faint
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