clear thick discharge at 34 weeks

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Pregnancy & Fertility clear thick discharge at 34 weeks forum article . im 39 weeks pregnant. yesterday my mucus plug came out. on and off since then i feel period cramps and i wipe light pink here an
Ok this could be one of 2 things so I need some advise. This morning I went to use the rest room and had a clumpy white discharge come out of me when I wiped.
I had stringy clear discharge that stretched apart between my fingers on saturday, but have had nothing since, my ovulation kits are negative. Could this be a sign on .
Ask a doctor about 36 weeks pregnant thick yellow discharge, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, questions and answers, health articles, doctors, health tips about 36 .
Does the clear thick vaginal discharge mean you are ovulating?
Iam 34 weeks pregnant and Ive been having a yellowish discharge that is thick and gooey clear thick discharge at 34 weeks at times,is this normal??
I am 23 weeks pregnant and the past two days noticed a clear water like discharge not thick and no odor it has the same consistancy as water.Could i be leaking .
8 weeks pregnant and mucus, as the download? 8 weeks pregnant and today I had (sorry) and mucus discharge in my underwear? What is it and is this normal?
Hi there! I typed in "discharge" in the search bar baby center has at the top and here are some bits and pieces I found. I am having the same thing going on with myself.
. :21 weeks pregnant with thick mucus discharge: Hello I am 29 and have 2

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