How long after taking codeine can you drink alcohol

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How long after taking Codeine can you drink alcohol? ChaCha Answer: You should wait at least 2 hours after you take Codeine. This is .
Ray, I am in the same boat. Drink a lot of water to

How long after taking codeine can you drink alcohol

dillute to get acid out of system. Use creatine, niacin, drink tea as well to detox as fast as you can.
How long after taking benzonatate can you drink alcohol? ChaCha Answer: Check the directions on the bottle; don't drink alcohol befor.
Best Answer: I am taking the same stuff. My doc said not to drink while on Xanax. A .25mg Xanax will do it's job for up to 6 hours and generally be out of .
How long should I wait to start drinking alcohol after I stop taking Percocet? - 12-24-2008, How long after taking codeine can you drink alcohol 08:22 AM
Best Answer: My friend takes it BEFORE he goes out to party. You get REALLY tore up that way. Cant imaging that's very good for you though but, hey, its fun!
Best Answer: Tylenol affects the liver; alcohol affects the liver. They both have a generally mild effect, but doubled up (esp. if you drink a lot), it's .
Shirley: After taking duromine 15 g for 2 an half months can i start taking it again after 2 weeks
It all depends on the amount of Codiene and the amount of alcohol. Although it is advised on the pill bottle and recommended guidelines when you receive your .
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Best Answer: Are you taking Coumadin (Warfarin) as well? If you are it's recommended you only have one standard drink, though I found the risk to be too great and .
How long should you wait to drink alcohol after taking Tylenol?
Best Answer: I would wait at least 6-8 hours before drinking alcohol. This is based on the
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